The Situation for Locums

When a firm wishes to appoint a locum for a stipulated period of time, that locum practitioner may at that time have the PMC Condition imposed on their practising certificate.

Once again, those practitioners are not intending to commence as a Principal in their own right and hence will not, as a matter of course, lodge a Form 11 (Notice of Intention to Commence as a Principal) or Form 12 (Request to Revoke the Condition on a Local Practising Certificate).

It may be that the locum will not be taking on any of the responsibilities associated with being a Principal, and will be acting as an employed practitioner and in contact with the true Principal during the absence. In these circumstances, a simple notification is required as the locum’s status has no implication on the PMC Condition.

However, if acting in the capacity of a Principal, locums should seek revocation or variation of the PMC Condition. In circumstances where the locum arrangement is on a restricted or very short term basis, the locum should seek a variation to the PMC Condition.

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