Election of the Board

The Legal Practice Board consists of two ex-officio members (the WA Attorney General and the WA Solicitor General; a current or former judge of the Supreme Court appointed by the Attorney General (WA); each King’s Counsel, and each Senior Counsel whose home jurisdiction is this State, who is not a full-time judicial officer, and who has nominated themselves as a member; and 12 elected local legal practitioners.

The membership of the Board is in accordance with section 38 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2022.

The local legal practitioners must have at least three years’ standing and practice. They hold office for a term of two years from the date of becoming a member, and are eligible for re-election. Six are elected in alternate years. 

Any local legal practitioner is eligible to vote in an election for an elected Board member. 

Current Board and committee members

Annual election

Elections to elect Board members must be held on the first Tuesday in April each year, according to regulation 5(1) the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Regulations 2022.

The Board requests nominations typically in February. Eligible legal practitioners may then submit their application using the form Notice of intention to stand – elected Board member. (Word doc 61kB)

The notice of intention to stand must be countersigned by a local legal practitioner and submitted to the Board no less than 28 days prior to the date of election.

2024 annual election of Board members

Voting for the 2024 annual election of the Legal Practice Board closed at noon Tuesday 2 April.

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