The CPD Management System

The CPD Management System (CPDMS) is the Board’s online system for managing CPD. This system enables:

  • the Board and the profession to consider the delivery of CPD, ensure there is engagement by the profession, and there is value in the delivery and content of activities focussing on genuine learning and development
  • a practitioner to easily identify the CPD activities undertaken in a particular CPD period and to ensure compliance with CPD requirements. CPD providers will be relieved of the requirement to issue certificates to practitioners upon completion of CPD
  • a targeted approach to auditing CPD activities and compliance with a view to understand the nature of the profession’s compliance with CPD requirements and offer early support to those members of the profession who are in danger of not satisfying the annual requirement
  • the types of CPD activities being delivered to practitioners to be assessed, track relevant trends, including courses offered and courses attended, and assess the future needs of the profession
  • feedback to the CPD providers on areas of emerging risk and to consider the value of including more effective CPD being provided across all areas of practice

The CPDMS enables practitioners to access records regarding their CPD compliance from one central point and apply for the approval of single activities.

It is mandatory for CPD providers to upload individual practitioner confirmation of completion of approved CPD activities into the CPDMS.

A practitioner’s compliance with CPD requirements can be assessed automatically using the record of CPD in the CPDMS. This enables the Board to direct its resources to auditing non-compliant practitioners and providers, and to assess the quality of CPD being provided.

For practitioners: Log in to the Service Hub

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User Guide: CPDMS for practitioners

CPD Record Card (MS Word 157 kB)
CPD Record Card - Overseas (MS Word 155 kB)
If you require further information please see the CPD FAQs

For providers:

Please refer to the CPDMS user guide for CPD providers on the QA Providers page for further information.

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