Welcome to the new Legal Practice Board website

26 February, 2024

The Board published our new internet site on Monday morning 26 February 2024.

The website redevelopment is part of the Board’s commitment to improve business process functions and workflows between systems for both internal and external stakeholders, including external parties’ interactions with the Board. 

The new website features:

  • improved visual design, colour palette and contemporary look and feel
  • customer centric navigation structure, menu and organisation that aims to make finding information quicker, easier and more logical
  • content management system and underlying technology that aims to make it quicker and easier to maintain and support the new functionality of the site
  • intuitive search functionality that will allow users to better identify and find targeted information
  • online forms that make it quicker and easier to submit information to the Board
  • A Service Hub (formerly the Online Portal) that will, most importantly, increase the range of interactions users have with the Board, allow access to more personalised data, and reduce delays in processing practitioner and provider inputs.


To reduce disruption and improve user experience, instructional information is available on key features and best practice in understanding and utilising the new site to its full advantage.  

We believe that this will be a major step forward in supporting the legal profession and improving online standards of service for the community.