Office of the Board

The Office of the Board supports the day to day operations of the Board and provides corporate services.

The Office is headed by the Executive Director and the Senior Leadership Team which heads the Office's three directorates. The Director Investigations and Review is also the Legal Services and Complaints Officer, a statutory position delegated resolution, investigation and disciplinary powers by the Legal Services and Complaints Committee.

Organisation structure 

Enquiries and ComplaintsInvestigations and ReviewStrategy and Business Services

The Enquiries and Complaints Directorate includes the Assessment and Enquiries team, the Dispute Resolution team and the Regulatory Operations team.

The Directorate deals with front line enquiries as part of the Board’s responsibilities for regulation of the profession. It deals with all aspects of regulation, protecting the public through managing people who come to the Board with problems they need resolved. The emphasis is on managing enquiries, enabling quick resolution of simpler matters, and referring complex cases to Investigations and Review.

The Directorate aims to be more proactive in managing expectations and informing potential enquirers of the Board’s scope of services, likely outcomes and information that may satisfy the enquiry before engaging the Board.

The Investigations and Review Directorate consists of the Investigations team and the Review and Audit team.

The Directorate is designed to investigate and resolve complex and formal issues under Uniform Law, or refer them to other authorities where required.

The Directorate aims to streamline investigation and resolution systems, especially as improved data becomes available to improve targeting of operations and inform priorities; and where provisions of the Uniform Law allow them to be more nimble, less risk averse, and more confident.

The Strategy and Business Services Directorate’s key function is to provide strategic guidance and support services to the Board. It includes managing the Board’s strategy and policies, managing information and technology services, and human resources services.

It is responsible for recruitment and onboarding, payroll and remuneration, organisational development and staff training, health and wellbeing, reporting and compliance, and developing human resources procedures.

It also manages procurement services and support, all financial services, and internal and external communication and stakeholder engagement.