Uniform Law

On 1 July 2022, Western Australia entered into the Uniform Law Scheme.

Uniform Law harmonises the regulation of the legal profession, cuts ‘red tape’ and creates a single system to govern legal practice. The Scheme also promotes informed customer choice and has strong consumer protection measures. The Uniform Law’s overall objectives are to promote the administration of justice and an efficient and effective Australian legal profession through:

  • consistency between States and Territories in the law applying to the Australian legal profession;
  • ensuring legal practitioners are competent and maintain high ethical and professional standards;
  • enhancing the protection of clients and the public;
  • empowering clients to make informed choices about their legal options;
  • efficient, effective, targeted and proportionate regulation; and
  • a co-regulatory framework with appropriate independence for the legal profession.

Together, the Legal Services Council and Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation oversee the implementation of the Legal Profession Uniform Law scheme. The Uniform Law is currently applied in Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria by local application Acts. Certain jurisdiction-specific arrangements, such as the operation of local authorities and fees, are dealt with by local application Acts and Regulations. More information on the Legal Services Council and Commissioner website.

Relevant legislation under the Uniform Law includes: