Suitability requirements for admission

(Refer to sections 17(2) and 21 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (WA)

The Supreme Court must be satisfied that an applicant for admission is both eligible for admission and a fit and proper person to be admitted to the legal profession. For this purpose, the Supreme Court will usually rely on the advice of the Board. The Board will consider whether an applicant is a fit and proper person to be admitted when it considers the Application for Admission (on-line admission application form). However, a person who is concerned that a matter may affect their suitability for admission (for example, they may be subject to a conviction) may apply for an early declaration of suitability. (Form A15)

A person would usually only apply for an early declaration of suitability if considering commencing a law degree or practical legal training. A person who has completed an approved academic qualification and is close to completing practical legal training would usually apply for admission and their suitability to be admitted would be considered as part of that application.

All applicants should refer to the Law Admissions Consultative Committee (LACC) Disclosure Guidelines included in the Admission Application Notes below.