Grand-parented Barristers Moving to the Amalgam

When a grand-parented Barrister decides to go, or return, to the amalgam they will be doing so without the PMC Condition imposed on their then current local practising certificate.

In those circumstances, when the PDC becomes aware of the change of status and if it is of the view that the PMC (in part or whole) should be imposed, as set out above, the Board can renew the certificate with the PMC Condition imposed or seek consent from the practitioner to impose the PMC Condition. Again, in the absence of that consent, the Board will give notice to the practitioner of its intention to impose a condition under the provisions of section 52 and 56 of the Act and provide opportunity for submissions from the practitioner.

The circumstances of grand-parented barristers going to or returning to the amalgam may vary greatly, from those who have previously had no practice management experience, to others who have had considerable experience over many years. As there is currently no PMC Condition on the practising certificates of grand-parented barristers, the imposition of a PMC Condition would have to be done at renewal, by consent or by giving notice as set out above.

These matters will be dealt with on an individual basis and as they arise, either by delegated authority by the Executive Director or Deputy Executive Director of the Board, or by referral to the PDC for consideration.

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