The Legal Practice Board is constituted under the Legal Profession Act 2008. The Board has statutory responsibility for the regulation of all legal practitioners of the State. It also regulates the issue of annual practising certificates. The Board assists the Supreme Court in the process of admission to practice. The Legal Profession Complaints Committee, which deals with professional complaints and discipline, is an independent statutory committee of the Board.

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Dec 21

CPD Requirements - Parental Leave

The Board has become aware that practitioners intending on taking parental leave, or who are on or returning from parental leave, are not properly making an application for a variation to their CPD requirements, in accordance with rule 17 of the Legal Profession Rules 2009.
Please note that effective 1 January 2018, The Legal Practice Board requires all practitioners intending on taking, or currently on, parental leave to lodge an Application for Variation (Application) to the CPD condition imposed on their practising certificate in the usual manner adopted for all other applications for variation.
All Applications are to be completed and accompanied by payment of the correct fees.

For further information, please refer to the amended CPD Guidelines for Parenting Leave  (Pursuant to Rule 17 of the Legal Profession Rules 2009) and the Fee Schedule.

Oct 16

Appointments of Executive Director and Law Complaints Officer

The Chairperson of the Legal Practice Board has great pleasure in announcing that following an exhaustive process over a period of almost 5 months the Legal Practice Board has appointed:

      Libby Fulham as the Executive Director of the Legal Practice Board; and
      Philippa Rezos as the Law Complaints Officer for the Legal Profession Complaints Committee.

Libby and Philippa have been acting in their respective roles prior to their appointments, and have already established a reputation and presence within the legal profession in Western Australia, as well as with the profession’s local and national stakeholders.

The Chairperson believes the appointments are an excellent fit for the Board and Legal Profession Complaints Committee, and are ideal to lead Western Australia’s legal profession regulatory bodies. 

Jul 24

Address details for the Legal Practice Board and Legal Profession Complaints Committee

The Legal Practice Board (Board) and the Legal Profession Complaints Committee (LPCC) have now moved to a new office address.

Details are provided in the news item below, dated 7 July 2017.

The contact details on forms and documents elsewhere on the website are being updated. Please use these details to contact the Board and LPCC in the meantime, rather than details on existing forms, where different.

Jul 07

The Legal Practice Board and Legal Profession Complaints Committee are Moving

From Monday, 24 July 2017, the offices of the Legal Practice Board (Board) and Legal Profession Complaints Committee (LPCC) are moving to level 6/111 St Georges Terrace, Perth. The offices of the Board (at 5/533 Hay Street, Perth) and the LPCC (at 2/55 St Georges Tce, Perth) will close at 4.00pm on Friday, 21 July 2017. Postal and contact numbers are as follows

PO Box 5720
St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6831
Ph: (08) 6211 3600
Fax: (08) 6211 3650
PO Box Z5293
St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6831
Ph: (08) 6211 3699
Fax: (08) 6211 3650
The Board’s main reception number of (08) 6211 3600 will remain the same. However, due to the relocation, the LPCC will have a new phone number, and there will be a new common fax number for the Board and LPCC. All calls to the LPCC’s old number will be automatically diverted to the new phone number. The old fax numbers (08) 9325 2743 (Board)  and 9461 2265 (LPCC) will be diverted to our new common fax number of (08) 6211 3650. 
Although we plan to be fully operational on Monday 24 July 2017 at our new location we appreciate your patience and understanding during this transitional time. 

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