The Legal Practice Board is constituted under the Legal Profession Act 2008. The Board has statutory responsibility for the regulation of all legal practitioners of the State. It also regulates the issue of annual practising certificates, and owns and administers the Law Library at the Supreme Court. The Board assists the Supreme Court in the process of admission to practice. The Legal Profession Complaints Committee, which deals with professional complaints and discipline, is an independent statutory committee of the Board.

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Apr 06

Application for a Local Practising Certificate for the 2016/2017 Financial Year

The Legal Profession Rules 2009 provide that the standard renewal period for renewal of practising certificates is from 1 May until 31 May each year. Applications received during this time pay the standard application fee of $1250 (plus a $20 contribution to the Solicitors Guarantee Fund if required).


Mar 08

Introduction of a Practice Management Course for Principal of a Legal Practice

Amendments to the Legal Profession Rules 2009 (Rules) were gazetted on 19 February 2016. Division 2A, Condition on local practising certificate: practise as principal of law practice, has been inserted into the Rules. 

Division 2A of the Rules requires a local legal practitioner to have successfully completed an approved Practice Management Course (PMC) or to have obtained an exemption from completion of the PMC, and to give notice to the Legal Practice Board (Board), before practising as a principal of a law practice.

Information on the introduction of the PMC together with Frequently Asked Questions 

Sep 25

LPCC 2014/2015 Annual Report now available for download

The 2014/2015 Annual Report of the Legal Profession Complaints Committee is now available.

Apr 21

Notice from the Legal Practice Board Regarding Disclosure of Spent Convictions

The Spent Convictions (Act Amendment) Regulations 2014 were published in the Government Gazette on 6 March 2015.

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