The Legal Practice Board is constituted under the Legal Profession Act 2008. The Board has statutory responsibility for the regulation of all legal practitioners of the State. It also regulates the issue of annual practising certificates, and owns and administers the Law Library at the Supreme Court. The Board assists the Supreme Court in the process of admission to practice. The Legal Profession Complaints Committee, which deals with professional complaints and discipline, is an independent statutory committee of the Board.

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May 01

Online practising certificate application

Once again the Legal Practice Board (Board) will be using the online practising certificate application for the grant or renewal of practising certificate for the financial year 2015/2016. Practitioners can apply to the Board for a local practising certificate via the Board’s website. 

Apr 21

Notice from the Legal Practice Board Regarding Disclosure of Spent Convictions

The Spent Convictions (Act Amendment) Regulations 2014 were published in the Government Gazette on 6 March 2015.

Apr 15

LPCC Visit to Kalgoorlie on 8 May 2015

As part of its ongoing initiative to visit regional areas to conduct seminars and to talk to practitioners about issues relating to complaints, the LPCC will be visiting Kalgoorlie on Friday, 8 May 2015. 

Apr 13

New LPB Form 1 Application For A Local Practising Certificate Version 8

On 09 April 2015 a new version of LPB Form 1 Application for a Local Practising Certificate was approved for use by the Legal Practice Board (Board).  The new form is LPB Form 1 version 8.  This version replaces LPB Form 1 version 7.

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