The Legal Practice Board (Board) is established under the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2022 (Application Act). The Board has statutory responsibility for the regulation of all Western Australian legal practitioners. It also regulates the issue of annual practising certificates. The Board assists the Supreme Court in the process of admission to practice. The Board has delegated to the Legal Services and Complaints Committee, a Committee of the Board, the powers and functions under Chapter 5 of the Uniform Law, being matters concerning professional discipline.

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Mar 30

Applicants for Admission as a Lawyer

The persons listed here have lodged applications for admission to the Australian legal profession in Western Australia. The Legal Practice Board (Board) may determine whether or not to issue compliance certificates in respect of these persons at any time after 20 April 2023.

Mar 22

Annual election of Board members – voting now open

Voting is now open for the 2023 annual election of Board members and will close as 12:00pm AWST on Tuesday, 4 April 2023. Click here to view the nominee resume document and click here for further information on how to vote.

Mar 20

Contributions to Solicitors’ Guarantee Fund increasing

The Legal Contribution Trust has determined that the contribution each legal practitioner in Western Australia makes to the Solicitors’ Guarantee Fund will be increased from $20 to $50, the first increase in over 50 years. The contribution remains one of the lowest rates nationally.

Mar 17

Notice of election of Board members – changes to voting system

As at 5:00pm Tuesday, 7 March 2023 the Legal Practice Board (Board) received 7 nominations for election as a Board member for 6 vacancies. An election is called and all local legal practitioners will be eligible to vote.

A hybrid voting system has been implemented by the Board and will be conducted by CorpVote Pty Ltd. Click here for more.

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