The Legal Practice Board is constituted under the Legal Profession Act 2008. The Board has statutory responsibility for the regulation of all legal practitioners of the State. It also regulates the issue of annual practising certificates. The Board assists the Supreme Court in the process of admission to practice. The Legal Profession Complaints Committee, which deals with professional complaints and discipline, is an independent statutory committee of the Board.

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Dec 10

Solicitors’ use of the Term "Principal" or "Partner"

Use of the terms “principal” or “partner” by a practitioner who is not a principal or partner of a law practice for the purposes of section 6(3) of the Legal Profession Act 2008, is prima facie misleading as it may give rise to a misapprehension on the part of clients, or the public, that the practitioner is the principal or partner of the law practice.

Notice to Profession

Apr 27

Application for a Local Practising Certificate for the 2018/2019 Financial Year

The Legal Profession Rules 2009 provide that the standard renewal period for the renewal of practising certificates is from 1 May until 31 May each year. Applications received during this time pay the standard application fee of $1,250 (plus a $20 contribution to the Solicitors Guarantee Fund, if required).

The online application form will be available from 1 May 2018. 

Unless you have notified the Legal Practice Board (Board) that you are not going to renew your local practising certificate, if you hold a current practising certificate, on or after Monday, 30 April 2018 you will receive an email containing instructions on how to renew your practising certificate.

All practitioners should ensure that they keep the Board updated with their email address. If you are unsure if the Board has your correct email address please email the Board at

If you require any further information regarding your practising certificate renewal application process, please contact the Board on +61 08 6211 3600 or by email at 

Lisa Franca
Administrative Assistant
Legal Practice Board

Apr 23

Applying for a variation to the Practice Management Course Condition (PMC Condition)

The Board may vary the PMC condition on a local practising certificate to enable a practitioner to commence as a principal and complete an approved practice management course within a specified time frame. Practitioners seeking a variation will need to complete and submit an LPB Form 13. Variations are usually granted for a period of 6 months.
However, the Board has noticed an increase in requests for an extension of the variation, and an increase in practitioners ceasing to practise as a principal without completing an approved practice management course.
From 18 April 2018 the Board will require all practitioners applying for a variation to the PMC condition to include in that request written confirmation of enrolment in an approved practice management course. Accordingly, there have been amendments made to the LPB Form 13 requiring the applicant to attach written confirmation of enrolment in an approved practice management course.
If an extension of the variation is required, the Board will require from the practitioner:
  • (a) a written explanation as to what circumstances exist as to why the practitioner did not complete the course in the time frame stipulated in the variation to the PMC condition, i.e. that there are reasons beyond the practitioner’s control; and
  • (b) further written confirmation of enrolment in an approved PMC that will be concluded within 6 months; and
  • (c) a written and signed undertaking that the practitioner will complete an approved PMC within 6 months.
These steps have been taken to ensure practitioners practising as a principal meet the educational requirements to ensure they have the skills to establish, operate and manage a successful practice.
It is noted that the undertaking does not require the practitioner to successfully complete an approved PMC, and any breach of the PMC condition or the undertaking will be considered on a case by case basis.

Mar 15

External Examination Process for 2018

In preparing for the 2017/2018 EER process a new guidance note has been prepared in relation to controlled money accounts and the CMA specific detail has been extracted from the full Audit Check List.

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