Admission to practice in Western Australia

LPB Form A7 - Application for cancellation of articles
LPB Form A8 and A9 - Application for approval of academic qualifications and PLT requirements- individuals
LPB Form A10 - Notice of application for admission
LPB Form A15 - Application for early declaration of suitability
LPB Form A10.2 - Certificate Of Good Fame And Character
Admission Application Notes

Business structures

LPB Form 7 - Notice of corporation's intention to provide legal services in Western Australia
LPB Form 8 - Notice of corporation's failure to provide notice of intention to provide legal services
LPB Form 10 - Notice of intention by practitioner to provide legal services as a partner in a MDP
LPB Form 9 - Notice of Cessation of Legal Practice by a Former Incorporated Legal Practice

Cost Disclosure

Form 2 Legal Costs Fact Sheet - Your Right to Know
Form 3 Your Right to Challenge Legal Costs

CPD Forms

CPD Form 1 Application for Approval as a QA Provider of CPD
CPD Form 2 Application for Approval of a CPD Activity by non-QA Approved Provider
CPD Form 3 Application for Approval of a CPD Activity by Practitioner
CPD Form 4 Application for Variation of CPD condition
CPD Parenting Leave Guidelines
CPD Pro Rata Practice Guidelines
CPD Record Card

Interstate practitioners

LPB Form 6 - Notice of establishment of office by interstate legal practitioner

Local Practitioners

LPB Form 1 - Application For A Local Practising Certificate
LPB Form 2 - Notice by practitioner of an offence
LPB Form 3 - Application for amendment, suspension or cancellation of practising certificate
LPB Form 4 - Notice by practitioner of 'show cause' event
LPB Form 5 - Application to remove supervised legal practice statutory condition from practising certificate
LPB Form 14 - Request for Evidentiary Certificate
Application For A Local Practising Certificate - Fee Schedule

Payment Options Form

Payment Options Form

Practice Management

LPB Form 11 Notice of a Practitioner’s Intention to Commence as a Principal of a Law Practice
LPB Form 12 Request to Revoke the Condition on a Local Practising Certificate
LPB Form 13 Request to Vary the Condition on a Local Practising Certificate
Introduction of a Practice Management Course for Principals of a Legal Practice

Trust Account Management

Authorised Signatories
External Examiner's Checklist
External Examiners Report Guidance Notes
WA External Examiners Report
Reporting Irregularities
Trust Account Statements
Trust Account Withdrawals
Trust Accounting Software Systems
Trust Accounts - General and Controlled Money

Controlled Money Guidance Note
Controlled Money Account (CMA) Checklist

Notification of Appointment or Termination of External Examiner
Notification of Closure of Trust Account (Law Practice Closing Down)
Notification of Opening/Closing a Trust Account
WA Law Practice Declaration Trust Money Statement Parts A & B
What practitioners should consider for this year's External Examiners Report 2020

Registered Foreign Lawyers

LPB Form A11 - Application for Grant or Renewal of Registration as a Foreign Lawyer
LPB Form A12 - Notice by Locally Registered Foreign Lawyer of a Show Cause Event