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Section 452 of the Legal Profession Act 2008 (WA) (the “ Act ”) requires the Board to keep a Register of Disciplinary Action (the “ Register ”). The Register reflects all disciplinary action taken against Australian legal practitioners under the Act, which has been in existence since 1 March 2009.

What information is kept on the Register?

The Register includes:

  • disciplinary action taken under the Act against Australian legal practitioners; and
  • disciplinary action taken under a corresponding law interstate, against Australian legal practitioners who are or were enrolled or practising in WA when the conduct that is the subject of the disciplinary action occurred.

Action taken under the previous legislation, the Legal Practice Act 2003 (WA), whether concluded before or after 1 March 2009, may also appear on the Register. For further information on disciplinary action and appeals, please contact the Board.

What is disciplinary action?

Disciplinary action means —

  • the making of an order by a court or tribunal for or following a finding of unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct by an Australian legal practitioner under this Act or a corresponding law; or
  • any one of the following actions taken under this Act or under a corresponding law, following a finding by a court or tribunal of professional misconduct by an Australian legal practitioner —

(i) removal of the name of the practitioner from an Australian roll;
(ii) the suspension or cancellation of the Australian practising certificate of the practitioner;
(iii) the refusal to grant or renew an Australian practising certificate to the practitioner;
(iv) the appointment of a receiver of all or any of the practitioner’s property or the appointment of a
manager of the practitioner’s practice.

Details of disciplinary action taken against an Australian legal practitioner may not be recorded on the Register while the decision remains subject to appeal or if an appeal proceeding relating to that decision is yet to be finally determined.