21 Mar 2020

The office of the Legal Practice Board and the Legal Profession Complaints Committee is working to best deal with the current issues we are all facing due to COVID-19.

The health and wellbeing of everyone, and in particular our staff, must be our major priority.
We will also continue to service the general public and the legal profession.  However, given the unique challenges COVID-19 presents, we have to change the way we do this.
So until further notice we ask that you contact us by email, and avoid coming to our office unless it is absolutely necessary.
Please do not attend our office in person if you:

  • Are experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms
  • Have returned from overseas in the last 14 days
  • Or have been in contact with a confirmed or unconfirmed case of COVID-19
While, at the moment, we remain open during our normal operational hours, we all know that the situation has been developing every day.  This could mean that we have to make other changes at short notice, and without advance warning.  This could include shutting our office from receiving deliveries and visitors.
However we will continue to do whatever we can to receive your queries, do our work, and prioritise our response to critical matters.
While the present challenges mean that some less urgent matters may take longer to handle, you can help us to deal with things as best we can by sending all queries by email as follows:
General enquiries -
Complaints -
We understand that this time is difficult for both the legal profession and the community in general.  We encourage you to keep up to date with advice from the government and health authorities as things develop.
For lawyers, we also remind you that regardless of your situation, if you plan to practise at all in the 2020-21 year, you should apply to renew your practising certificate during the renewal period.  You should do this as soon as online renewals are open (1 May 2020), even if you are not able to be certain of paying your fees and insurance at that same time.
Law Mutual (WA) has advised they are confident to process claims for exemptions in a timely manner, and any delay in obtaining compliance with professional indemnity insurance will not affect a practitioner’s right to practice so long as they have lodged their application for renewal.
The Law Society of WA has a COVID-19 Information and Resources page that you can access on their website which are designed to assist lawyers manage through this period. Specifically, there is information on a contingency plan to deal with COVID-19 in the workplace.
The WA Bar Association can also offer advice and assistance to barristers and can be contacted on (08) 9220 0477 or by email on or through their website at
Thank you everyone for your patience and cooperation.