Complaints about lawyers

If you have a problem with your lawyer then we may be able to assist you.
We deal with complaints about lawyers in Western Australia.  There are time and money limits around what we can deal with so check here before you contact us.
Before you contact us you should also try and talk with your lawyer first to see if you can work out the problem together.  Often things can be sorted out directly by discussing the issue.  We will ask you if you have done this if you contact us.
If that does not solve the problem then check here to see if we might be able to help you.  There are things that we can do, and things that we can’t do.
The best way to contact us is to use our Complaint Enquiry Form.  You can also email us at or call on 6211 3600.
If you contact us electronically you should get an acknowledgment quickly.  We will then assess what you have sent us to see whether we can handle your complaint.  Then we will get in touch with you to discuss your concerns and maybe seek more information from you.
We will try and do this within 5 working days, especially in urgent matters, but sometimes it may take a bit more time.