Information about the Legal Profession Complaints Committee


The Legal Profession Complaints Committee has statutory responsibility under the Legal Profession Act 2008 for supervising the conduct of legal practitioners in Western Australia. Its main role is to ensure ethical conduct and professional behaviour in the legal profession.

The Committee receives all complaints about solicitors and barristers in Western Australia.

It enquires into complaints and other conduct concerns in respect of legal practitioners.

The Law Complaints Officer is a statutory office established by Parliament to assist the Complaints Committee exercise its functions.

Rapid Resolution Team

If you have concerns with a lawyer's conduct, please contact our Rapid Resolution Team to discuss your concerns.

Two of the main functions of the Rapid Resolution Team are to resolve complaints by conciliation and to identify possible conduct issues.

The Rapid Resolution Team members have been chosen with particular regard to their skills and knowledge in the areas of communication, conciliation and professional conduct.

Team members are available Monday to Friday between 8.30am - 5.00pm.

To contact them: