The Legal Practice Board of Western Australia (Board) is listed on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website as the “assessing authority” for solicitors and barristers in Western Australia.

Please note that the Board DOES NOT ISSUE 'SKILLS ASSESSMENTS' for the purpose of immigration and visas.

The Board does, however, issue certain documents to which DIBP may have regard in its processes. Please be aware that advice about immigration topics is NOT available from the Board.  It is for the individual to determine what documents are required for, and relevant to, any application lodged with DIBP.

Documents that the Board can provide are:

Assessment Statement

A person who has been admitted as a legal practitioner overseas or has completed a 3 year law degree overseas may be eligible to apply for assessment of their qualifications. The person will be issued with an assessment statement outlining the further study and training that must be completed to be eligible for admission in Western Australia. Further information is available on the Board’s website and assessment fees apply.

Overseas Admitted and Qualified

Eligibility letter

A person who has completed an approved academic qualification for admission in Western Australia may request an eligibility letter. The request must be in writing and include a residential address. A certified copy of the person’s academic transcript/s must be attached to the request. A person who has previously received an assessment statement and who has completed, or partially completed, the study and training imposed therein can also request an eligibility letter. There is no fee for an eligibility letter. The letter will state what further study or training, if any, is required for the person to be eligible for admission.
Eligibility letters are usually only issued if the Board is satisfied that the person is enrolled/intends to enrol in practical legal training and apply for admission in Western Australia. Documentation and information regarding the person’s visa status may be requested by the Board before an eligibility letter will be issued.

Admission letter

When a person is admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia, the Board will write confirming the person's admission. The Supreme Court also issues an Admission Certificate. It is understood that an "Admission Certificate" and the Board's letter may be considered by DIBP to be a "positive skills assessment".

Evidentiary Certificate

A person who has been admitted to practice in Western Australia may apply for an evidentiary certificate by completing the relevant form and paying the relevant fee. The evidentiary certificate confirms the admission and good standing of the person.

LPB Form 14 - Request for Evidentiary Certificate

All queries related to immigration and visas should be directed to DIBP.

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