Academic Requirements for Admission

For the legislative provisions relating to academic requirements refer to Section 17 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (WA) and the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015.

The academic qualifications prerequisite (for the issue of a compliance certificate for admission as a lawyer) is successful completion of a tertiary academic course in Australia which:

a) includes the equivalent of at least 3 years' full-time study of law, and

b) is accredited by the Board, and

c) provides appropriate understanding and competence in each element of the academic areas of knowledge set out in Schedule 1 of the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015.

If the academic qualification has been completed more than 5 years before applying for admission, the academic qualification will be considered under rule 5(2) of the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rule2015. It is possible that additional study will be required. Prospective applicants for admission who have completed an Australian law degree more than 5 years ago, may write to the Board querying whether the academic qualifications meet admission requirements. They must provide a My eQuals link to download their transcript directly or provide an original academic transcript.

Accredited Law Courses

The following law degrees are approved as “specified academic qualifications prerequisites” for admission to the legal profession in Western Australia:

Curtin University

Bachelor of Laws

Edith Cowan University

Bachelor of Laws

Murdoch University

Bachelor of Laws

The University of Notre Dame Australia

Bachelor of Laws

The University of Western Australia

Juris Doctor

For contact details for the above universities click here.

Any other law course that is recognised by another Australian jurisdiction (as satisfying the academic requirements for admission and requiring a student successfully to complete the academic qualifications prerequisite) is also deemed to be accredited. Details of law courses accredited in other Australian states and territories of Australia are available by contacting the relevant state or territory admitting authorities.

Following completion of the law degree you may commence practical legal training and then apply for admission.
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