Complaint management

Your complaint will be assessed and progressed by trained and qualified officers with experience in managing complaints, with the authority to handle most matters directly with you.

Complaints that cannot be resolved may be escalated to the Board’s Legal Services and Complaints Officer or Legal Services and Complaints Committee, who have delegated authority to make decisions in individual cases.

Legal Services and Complaints Officer

The Legal Services and Complaints Officer is a senior member of the Board’s office who has delegated authority to act on behalf of the Board, and determine certain complaints.  The Officer issues guidance and direction to staff and can delegate powers to them.

Legal Services and Complaints Committee

The Legal Services and Complaints Committee has delegated powers from the Legal Practice Board of dispute resolution and professional discipline under Chapter 5 of the Uniform Law. It considers and determines what to do where complex and serious disciplinary matters have been investigated.  It can undertake disciplinary action itself for unsatisfactory professional conduct, or by initiating and prosecuting a lawyer for professional misconduct before the State Administrative Tribunal

Complaints about lawyers in Western Australia can be made to the Legal Practice Board under the Legal Profession Uniform Law (WA), which came into effect from 1 July 2022.