An Analysis of the 2016 External examiners’ Reports Lodged

The, two hour, session will be run at 2:00 pm at Anzac Club, 28 St Georges Tce Perth (cnr Irwin St).     This is a cost free event.

In 2010 the Law Practice Declaration and Trust Money Statement was introduced, to supplement the external examiner’s report.  Prior to 2010 Accountant’s Certificates were in use.
Achievements: What has been achieved over the previous 7 years?
Issues: What issues remain, inadequate cash books, Trust ledgers, Trust reconciliations, signatories, controlled money accounts?
Improvements:   How can the external examination process be improved?
The Future:  Going forward
Mr Bruce Bentley and Mr Kevin McGinnity Trust Inspectors

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Cost Free

Anzac Club    28 St Georges Terrace,    Perth WA 600

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