Practitioners with a Second Place of Practice

Circumstances may arise where a practitioner may have the PMC Condition imposed on their practising certificate which is appropriate for their working situation, but who may wish to act as a sole practitioner for limited matters outside their normal working position.

In these circumstances the practitioner is effectively acting as a sole practitioner and Principal, but may not be intending to practice solely in that capacity and hence will not, as a matter of course, lodge a Form 11 (Notice of Intention to Commence as a Principal) or Form 12 (Request to Revoke the Condition on a Local Practising Certificate).

In these circumstances, practitioners with a second place of practice need to be aware that the PMC Condition should be complied with and they should either comply with the condition, or seek revocation or variation of the PMC Condition. In circumstances where the second place of practice arrangement is on a restricted or very short term basis, the practitioner should seek a variation to the PMC Condition.

Practitioners with a second place of practice need to comply with the PMC Condition and seek a revocation or variation of the PMC Condition demonstrating their capability to act as a Principal. 

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