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From 1 July 2016 all practitioners who are not Principals of a law practice will have the practice management course condition (PMC Condition) imposed on their local practising certificate.

Since the inception of the PMC Condition the Legal Practice Board (Board) has been managing and considering applications by practitioners for the revocation or variation of the condition.

The Board’s Professional Development Committee (PDC) would like to provide information and clarification to the profession on a range of issues that may arise in the administration of the PMC Condition.

In summary:
  • if previous Principals have been out of Principal status for a period of 5 years or more then their individual suitability to not have the PMC Condition imposed will be considered on an individual basis and as they arise; 
  • when barristers are going to or are returning to the amalgam they will either have the PMC Condition imposed on their practising certificate or have the PMC Condition revoked based on their demonstrated capability to act as a Principal; and
  • practitioners with the PMC Condition imposed and who seek to take a position that would equate to Principal status (whether  as external interveners, locums, locums or as a second place of practice) need to comply with the PMC Condition, and should seek a revocation or variation of the PMC Condition and demonstrate their capability to act as a Principal.

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Practitioners who have enquires regarding the operation and administration of the PMC Condition on local practising certificates should contact the Board on or 6211 3600.