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How to complete your CPD Audit
CPD Audit Checklist

To assist the Board in the assessment of your response to the CPD Audit, please ensure you have reviewed the CPD requirements set out in the Legal Profession Rules 2009, and completed all the following steps.
  • Download a CPD Record Card in your choice of word or excel.  
  • Complete the record card in full with as much detail as possible, including full title of the activity.  
  • Defined any abbreviations used.   
  • If a CPD event was not run through an approved QA provider, and you made an application for approval of a single activity within the CPD year, please ensure this is marked on the form.  
  • If a CPD event was not conducted through an approved QA provider, and you did not submit an application for approval of a single activity, please complete and provide a CPD Form 3 Application for Approval of a CPD Activity by Practitioner.  
  • Ensured you have not recorded more than 6 CPD points for 1 single activity. If you attended a conference, this is one single activity with a maximum of 6 CPD points, please do not separate the conference sessions into individual activities, instead provide a copy of the conference program and specify which sessions you attended.  
  • Attach any supporting documents required, including a certificate of attendance at each single activity. For example,certificates of attendance, emails confirming completion and CPD points allocated, sign in and sign out records, and so on. 
  • Sent the above documents by email to general@lpbwa.com with ‘CPD Audit 2020’ in the subject line.


  • CPD record cards should be typed or completed in block capitals.
  • CPD record cards may be emailed back in excel, word or PDF version.
  • Please do not submit your audit response via drop box, zip files or photos.
You will be advised of the outcome of your CPD Audit within 8 weeks of submission. 
If you have any further questions, please refer to the Board website, CPD Audit FAQs and CPD Guidelines
If you require further information you may contact the Board at general@lpbwa.com
Please note, during the CPD Audit period it may take some time for the Board to respond to email or telephone enquiries, however we will endeavor to respond as soon as practicable.