As part of the implementation of the Legal Profession Rules 2009 the Board requires Practitioners to undertake activities either with approved QA Providers or Board approved activities or otherwise through making application to the Board for activities undertaken that have not been pre approved by the Board.

The Legal Practice Board welcomes applications from potential QA Providers as per below.

Please click on the link below to apply for approval to be a QA Provider.

Application for approval of an activity as a Non QA Provider.

If you feel you do not wish to apply for QA Provider status, but you run one or several activities such as an annual conference, that you would like to have count for CPD points you may elect to apply to have an individual activity approved. Please note each individual activity must be applied for separately and a fee paid for each activity. (See QA Fee Summary Above).

Application for Approval of a Discussion Group

Practitioners may wish to join together for the purpose of forming a Discussion Group to enable them to facilitate the provision of CPD to the members of the group.

Application for Approval of a single CPD activity by a participant

A practitioner who has attended an event which has not been approved by the Board may wish to apply as an individual practitioner to have this activity considered for approval towards the accumulation of CPD points.

Application for CPD Points Variation or Exemption

If you wish to apply for a variation or exemption to your CPD points as per Rule 17 of the Legal Profession Rules 2009 please complete the following application form.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please contact the Legal Practice Board:
08 6211 3600 or