Legal Services Council heads to Western Australia to host its annual Uniform Law Summit

14 Jun 2022

On Wednesday, 1 June 2022 the Legal Services Council (Council) held its annual Uniform Law Summit (Summit) here in Western Australia at the Parmelia Hilton Hotel with representatives from New South Wales and Victoria also in attendance.
The Council, and bodies from the other participating jurisdictions discussed the introduction of the Uniform Law Scheme into Western Australia and touched on their experiences in implementing Uniform Law to a Western Australian audience.
Following the Summit, a dinner was held at which the Attorney General, the Honourable John Quigley MLA, spoke to the formal announcement that 1 July 2022 was the official date for Western Australia to join the Legal Profession Uniform Law Scheme.
"Joining the Legal Profession Uniform Law scheme has been one of the most significant and long-awaited developments in our State's justice system.
The scheme reduces compliance costs for firms operating across participating jurisdictions by simplifying and standardising regulatory obligations, cutting red tape and creating a common market for legal services.

Consumers will also benefit from greater protection and consistency of experience across jurisdictions under the scheme. It is a significant milestone in creating a simpler and more efficient system of regulating legal practice in Western Australia.
I am pleased that this Government has been able to deliver this important reform."
Libby Fulham, the Legal Practice Board’s Executive Director, echoes the Attorney’s comments and adds – “I am looking leading WA forward on the road ahead. This is a long awaited opportunity to achieve uniform regulation of a national legal profession and legal services necessary to meet community needs and to balance the interests of the legal profession and the protection of clients of law practices."