Information about Form 956 for Registered Migration Agents

16 Feb 2021

​New Form 956

A new paper version of Form 956 Advice by a registered migration agent/exempt person of providing immigration assistance will be released to allow for legal practitioners to notify the Department of Home Affairs (the Department) of their appointment to provide immigration assistance to a client. The new version of the form will be titled Form 956 Appointment of a registered migration agent, legal practitioner or exempt person.

Until Departmental systems are upgraded to facilitate the identification of legal practitioners lawfully providing immigration assistance (expected July 2021), the new version of the paper form 956 must be used with all new clients as of 22 March 2021 where a legal practitioner has been appointed by a client to provide immigration assistance under the Migration Act 1958.  You will be notified when the new form is available on the Department’s website for download.

Further information on the transition of legal practitioners in relation to accessing Departmental systems will be provided as it comes to hand.