Applications for Australian Practising Certificates - 2023/2024

26 Apr 2023

Practitioners who hold a current Australian practising certificate will receive an email containing instructions on how to renew their Australian practising certificate on or after Friday, 28 April 2023.

The online renewal application form will be available via the Board’s practitioner portal on and from 1 May 2023.

The Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Regulations 2022 (WA) (Local Regulations) provide that the standard renewal period for the renewal of an Australian practising certificate is from 1 May until 31 May each year. 

An application for the renewal of an Australian practising certificate received during the standard renewal period must be accompanied by the standard application fee of $1,250i

In addition to the application fee, and subject to individual circumstances, a practitioner may be required to pay:

  • A contribution of $30 towards the cost of funding the State’s contribution to the Legal Profession Uniform Frameworkii.
  • A $50 contribution to the Solicitors’ Guarantee Fundiii.
  • A fee in respect of an application for an exemption from the professional indemnity insurance requirement (PII)iv

All legal practitioners are strongly encouraged to renew their Australian practising certificate during the standard renewal period. Renewal applications lodged between 1 June 2023 and 31 December 2023 are subject to late renewal application fees. Australian practising certificates cannot be renewed outside of the standard renewal and late renewal periods prescribed by the Local Regulations.

All legal practitioners should ensure that they maintain up-to-date contact details with the Board, including a correct postal and email address. If you are unsure if the Board has your correct postal and email address please email to provide your current contact details to the Board. 

If you require any further information regarding the Australian practising certificate renewal application process, please contact the Board by email at

iLawyers engaging in legal practice only as a government legal practitioner who are employed by the government entities specified in regulation 35(3) pay 50% of the applicable application fee set out in Schedule 1 Division 2 of the Local Regulations.
ii Persons specified in regulation 36(2) of the Local Regulations do not pay the contribution to the Uniform Law framework, being: the Solicitor-General; a government lawyer; and practitioners engaging in legal practice both as a volunteer at a community legal service or otherwise on a pro bono basis, only.
iii Persons specified in section 225(4) of the Uniform law do not pay a contribution to the Solicitors’ Guarantee Fund being those lawyers engaging in legal practice as: or in the manner of a barrister only; a government legal practitioner; and as a corporate legal practitioner.
ivPersons requiring a PII exemption will now make that application as part of their application to renew their Australian practising certificate. The relevant fee, being $30, will be billed along with the other fees relating to the Australian practising certificate application.