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Oct 11

Use of the title Special Counsel

After conducting an enquiry into the use of the term “special counsel”, the Legal Practice Board has decided to take no action prohibiting or otherwise restricting its use.
However, the Board cautions firms to be mindful of their legal obligation not to mislead the court, members of the public, other practitioners and their clients regarding the skill or expertise purportedly held by solicitors employed by the firm and reserves the right to deal with matters where that obligation is shown to have been breached.

Oct 11

Use of the titles Principal, Partner, Director

Under the Legal Profession Act 2008 a principal of a law practice has greater responsibilities and liabilities than an employed legal practitioner. It is important that the title accurately reflects the legal practitioner's position in the law practice.

Sep 27

Telephone system upgrade in progress (8.30am 28/09/2019 – 9am 30/09/2019)

To provide improved services, the Board is upgrading its telephone system between 8.30am Saturday 28 September 2019 and 9am Monday 30 September 2019. If you are unable to leave a voice mail message, please use our email address or if you are contacting the Legal Profession Complaints  Committee,

Aug 05

Law Library - Surplus Texts

Surplus texts available at the Law Library

The Law Library at the David Malcolm Justice Centre is making available a selection of surplus texts for offer to the Legal Profession on a first-come-first-served basis. 
The texts are the remnants of the Practitioners Branch Library that was decommissioned in 2012. more...