Where disciplinary action is taken against a lawyer by the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) or the Supreme Court (Court) then a record of that action is recorded on the Register of Disciplinary Action (RODA).
The RODA contains a historical record of disciplinary action taken against lawyers, and is an important means of consumer protection as it allows the public to search those records. The main aim of the RODA is to provide a consumer with access to information that can help the consumer choose a legal practitioner. In addition to the consumer benefits, the RODA also acts as an incentive to a member of the legal profession to develop mechanisms that reduce complaints and improve services.
The RODA includes records of:

  • findings by SAT of professional misconduct or unsatisfactory professional conduct against a lawyer, and action taken, including where a lawyer’s practising certificate is suspended or cancelled; and

  • where the Court takes action following a finding or professional misconduct, including decisions to remove (‘strike off’) a lawyer from the roll of practitioners that it holds (which lists all lawyers that the Court has admitted into the legal profession)

If a lawyer is ‘reasonably likely’ to be found guilty by SAT of unsatisfactory professional conduct, then in certain cases it is not necessary to prosecute the lawyer at SAT.  If the lawyer and the Legal Services and Complaints Committee agree, then summary action can be taken and a public reprimand can be made about the lawyer.
Current public reprimands are recorded below:

Notification of public reprimands will remain on this page for six months.