Key Staff and Board Members

Chair of the Board Mr M D Howard SC                                                                                       
Deputy Chair of the Board Mr J G Syminton
Executive Director Ms E R A Fulham             
Legal Services and Complaints Officer Mr R J Daily                                                                                                                               

Ex-Officio Members

Attorney General         Hon J R Quigley
Solicitor General Mr J A Thomson SC                                                     

Nominated Members

Mr S Owen-Conway KC Mr T F Percy KC Mr K M Pettit SC Hon P M’Callum Dowding SC
Mr G M G McIntyre SC Mr C P Shanahan SC Mr M D Howard SC Mr S M Davies SC
Mr S K Dharmananda SC Mr B Dharmananda SC Mr B Dharmananda SC Mr R S Hooper SC
Ms K J Farley SC Mr M D Cuerden SC Mr P D Yovich SC Mr J B Blackburn SC
Mr S J Wright SC Mr J R B Ley SC Mr J B Hedges SC Ms C J Thatcher SC
Mr G D Cobby SC Mr A J Musikanth SC Mr J Garas SC Mr J C Whalley SC
Mr A J Sefton SC Mr M Curwood SC Ms K R Lendich SC Mr L M Fox SC
Mr G P Bourhill SC Mr D W L Renton SC Ms C H Thompson SC Mr G J Ranson SC
Ms B Mangan SC Mr C Bydder SC Mr E M Heenan SC  

Elected Members

Mr J G Syminton      Ms A Ciffolill          Mr R G Wilson           Dr J J Hockley         
Ms P A Femia Mr R T Heath Mr G N Mack Mr F A Robertson
 Ms A L Pascoe Dr B K Davies    

A full list of Committees and their related members is also available