Communications, Regulatory Approach, Annual Reports

The Legal Practice Board (Board) plays an active role in developing important policies and strategies that have an impact on the legal profession and consumers. These strategic publications can be found below.

Communications Statement

The Board’s Communication Statement sets out the standard of communication in all the Board’s dealings. Specifically, this document sets out:
  • Who our customers are;
  • What services we offer;
  • Our guiding principles;
  • What you can expect when you deal with us (our service promise);
  • How you can help us serve you better; and
  • How to contact the Board.
Please click here to access the Communication Statement.

Managing Challenging Behaviour

The Board are committed to providing an accessible and responsive services. While the majority of people communicate with us in a courteous manner, a small number of individuals can sometimes be angry, frustrated or distressed or act in other ways that may be challenging.
We recognise that people who demonstrate challenging behaviour often have a legitimate grievance and we will continue to deal with complaints on their merits. Our officers will treat people who contact us with courtesy, and we expect this courtesy to be returned.
Please click here to access the Board’s Approach for Managing Challenging Behaviour.

Regulatory Approach Statement 2022

Our Regulatory Approach Statement provides a clear statement of how the we seek to perform our role as regulators of the legal profession in Western Australia.
Please click here to access the Regulatory Approach Statement 2022.

Annual Reports

The Board’s Annual Report (Report) outlines the performance for the year against the Strategic Direction and the Board’s annual budget, as well as trends.
The Report is an important tool to inform key stakeholders – legal profession, consumers, Board Members, stakeholders and other government agencies – about our achievements, challenges and plans.
Current Year:
The 2021/22 Annual Report is currently under development.
Previous Years:
The following annual reports are available for downloading

Annual reports for the Legal Profession Complaints Committee under the Legal Profession Uniform Law 2008, can be found in the Complaints section of this site. Legal Services and Complaints Committee reporting from 1 July 2022, will be included in the Legal Practice Board Annual Report.