Notice to the Profession – Completion of PMC

14 Apr 2020

The Legal Practice Board is aware that COVID-19 and the associated protective measures have created difficulties in completing courses, in particular the practice management course within required time frames.
It is anticipated that there will be practitioners who will be in breach of the PMC condition, or a variation of the PMC condition, as normal methods of delivery have been delayed or modified.
The College of Law has advised the Board that it is developing alternative arrangements for delivery of the PMC via strategies that do not involve the attendance of people in groups at a single location.
It follows that, upon request, the Board will further vary the PMC condition for any practitioner who is unable to comply due to factors relating to COVID-19.
Any practitioners who are unable to complete the PMC condition within the required time frame should email the Board at with PMC COVID-19 in the subject line as soon as practicable and ideally before any breach of the PMC condition, or variation, has occurred.