Impact of COVID-19 and meeting CPD requirements

18 Mar 2020

All legal practitioners have a responsibility to ensure they comply with CPD requirements by earning a minimum number of CPD points, normally 10 for a legal practitioner holding a practising certificate for the entire CPD period, of which at least 6 must be earned through approved interactive activities or a combination of interactive and publication activities.


It is acceptable for approved CPD QA providers to hold live webinars as interactive activities in lieu of in-person events, provided they can produce:

  • Evidence that the event was interactive; and
  • Records demonstrating proof of attendance.


If you have already completed at least 6 interactive CPD points, you can comply with your CPD requirements by undertaking non-interactive CPD activities (i.e. listening to or viewing pre-recorded audio/visual material).

Excused from compliance – non-interactive

However, in light of the COVID-19 situation, for the CPD period ending 31 March 2020 only the Board will permit practitioners to complete more than 4 of their required 10 CPD points through non-interactive activities (i.e. listening to or viewing pre-recorded audio/visual material) for the duration of the CPD period. This means that a practitioner who is required to complete CPD activities during the remainder of the current CPD period may do so by completing non-interactive CPD activities.

Please note:
  • A number of CPD QA providers provide online CPD activities, and are making more online activities available due to the current situation.
  • Approved CPD QA providers and approved single activities are listed on the Board’s website.
  • Online events may still qualify as interactive CPD activities.
  • All 10 CPD points may be completed online.

Excused from compliance – illness

If a legal practitioner is unable to meet his or her CPD requirements due to illness, an application for variation of the required CPD points can be submitted.

Practising certificate renewal

From 1 May 2020, practitioners will be invited to submit their practising certificate renewal application for the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. As in previous years, the application includes declaring compliance with CPD requirements.

For this year only, practitioners can tick the ‘Yes’ box even if, due to the special circumstances arising from COVID-19, they have complied with CPD requirements by completing less than 6 interactive points.